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Frida Baby

Baby Nose Frida

Baby Nose Frida

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The Baby Nose Frida is a hygienic and effective solution for clearing your baby's stuffy nose. Featuring disposable filters, this device is clinically proven to prevent the transfer of mucus or bacterial germs, ensuring a clean and safe experience with every use. Simply replace the filter after each session to maintain optimal hygiene standards.

Designed for comfort and non-invasiveness, the Nose Frida creates a gentle seal with the outside of your baby's nostril, making the snot-sucking process easy and comfortable for your little one. Additionally, this nasal aspirator is dishwasher safe, allowing for convenient cleaning after each use. Its pediatrician-recommended design is free from BPA and Phthalates, making it safe for babies of all ages. With each purchase, you'll receive one Nose Frida device along with 24 hygiene filters, making it an essential must-have for every parent seeking a practical and hygienic solution to relieve their baby's nasal congestion.

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